We do lots of custom work. Sometimes it is a simple as making one of our regular figures, but it the specific colors you want. Sometimes you want one of our figures to fit in a particular spot, and the standard 15" or 29" versions are just not right – you need one that is 19" – we can do that. Maybe you need one that is six feet tall?? We can do that.


Maybe you want to raise some money for your favorite organization? We can make 50 pins for you at wholesale pricing, and you can sell them – keeping the difference.

Maybe you want to create some special gifts for people who have done special things for your church, scout troop, or other civic organization? We can do that too!


We recently provided table favors for the NY State African Violet Convention - the theme was Violets at the Oscars, so small (4" tall) gold painted oscars were designed and delivered!