This is our shopping page for our work.  Don does the computer work, so he will add new items as time allows.  If you have seen us at a craft/art show, you will remember a lot more things at the show.  All our items are individually hand painted and decorated, and feature a variety of skin tones, clothing colors, embellishments - spirals, hearts, or just an interesting extra, from a gear to a flower, to a dove, or just a cool colorful shape!  You can order the piece as shown here, or please feel free to e-mail or call us to request your own variation on what you see here.

We do lots of custom work too. Any item you see can be customized, and we also create special items just for you. We do lots of awards, gifts for donors, etc. with the recipients name, etc. laser etched. We can also create pins, etc. for you to sell to raise money for your group, event, etc.

If you like a particular figure, but would like different colors, skin tone, size, etc. just click on the “Reach Us Directly” link at the top, right side, or bottom of each page. We’ll be more than glad to talk with you!


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