About Us


We are Cheryl and Don Olney

We make colorful figurative artwork from wood, paper, and other materials, and we would love the chance to brighten your home, business, or office with inspirational and cheerful pieces for your walls. Since many of our  items are one of a kind, or because even  regular items can be done in a wide variety of colors and skin tones, not everything can be shown here. If you remember something from a show that is not shown here, you can contact us directly. Click on the “To Reach Us Directly” links at the top of the page, to the right, and at the bottom. We also love to do custom items, which can be as simple as different colors on a standard item, or a completely new design just for you.  We can also vary the size of any of our work.  We have made things from 1 inch tall to 8 feet  tall, and we are more than willing entertain the idea of going bigger! If you want something totally different from what you see here, ASK.  We make some laser cut wood parts for other artists, and we recently made 200 small wood plaques with a bible verse on them.   Give us a challenge! don@louisesdaughter.com (Cheryl does not do computers) 585-734-0876 – Don 585-734-0652 – Cheryl http://www.louisesdaughter.com